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A grill with no grime

The Sunbeam Rocket Grill offers a shortcut in the kitchen, in cooking time, clean up, and calories.

Chefs often use parchment paper pouches as a way to cook fish, chicken, and many other foods quickly and cleanly. The pouch keeps in juices, making for a moist meal, while the paper soaks up at least a portion of the grease as it cooks. Sunbeam's Rocket Grill makes use of such paper pouches to give us similar benefits at home. The grill can cook most fresh foods in less than 8 minutes and most frozen foods in 12 minutes, and virtually eliminates cleanup; because all the food cooked in the Rocket Grill is inside a parchment paper grilling pouch, nothing ever touches the grill plates. Cleaning up after cooking is just a matter of throwing away the used pouch.

The Rocket Grill comes with 36 pouches (and you can buy them separately online), as well as a guide on how to use the grill for everything from breakfast to dessert. It also comes with a separate cookbook with even more ideas and a set of grilling tongs to make placing and removing your food much easier. The Rocket Grill is available for $39.98. A set of 36 pouches is available for $14.99. There is also an automatic pouch program that will send you a set of 36 pouches once every 90 days. Joining the program gets you 10 percent off of the usual price for a cost of $13.49 every three months.