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A grill with a new look

The Fireplate offers an attractive way to grill, using wood to cook your food, unlike traditional grills.

The Fireplate Radius Design

Originally created as an easy-to-use outdoor fireplace, the addition of a grill makes the Fireplate a unique way to cook meals outdoors. The Fireplate stands approximately 8 inches off the ground, and is available in options that stretch approximately 30 and 40 inches across. It's constructed from black varnished steel, allowing you to set up a fireplace anywhere that strikes your fancy. There's no worry of a fire getting out of control, even if you choose to set the Fireplate up on your deck. A metal rod extends upward from the fireplace, holding a stainless steel grill over the fire. Cooking over a wood fire can impart extra flavors to any meats or vegetables you want to throw on the grill--and it's perfect for toasting marshmallows and making s'mores.

The Fireplate offers a very different grilling experience than a charcoal or gas grill. While you do have to spend a little more time feeding the fire, just sitting around and enjoying both the fire and the food can be a more enjoyable experience with the Fireplate than it would ever be with a more traditional grill. The grill is also easy to remove if you just want to enjoy an outdoor fireplace.