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A greener iPod case

Jimi iPod Nano cases are made of recycled plastic.

Jimi case for the iPod Nano
Mr. Smith, Inc.

I'm one of those wannabe Luddites who doesn't even own an iPod. I nearly scoff whenever I spy those telltale white strings dangling from ADHD-afflicted ears around town. Nor do I use any other MP3 player in public; the ambient sounds of belching engines and Super Mario Bros ring tones are street music to these ears. But if I did have an iPod Nano 1.0, I'd probably get one of these $15 recycled plastic Jimi cases. The U.S.-made, polypropylene and polycarbonate Jimis come in red, blue, clear, and orange flavors. You can keep one attached with a clip or a lanyard. There's even a mirror on the back so you can touch up your lipstick or easily change your nose ring in a pinch.

The Jimi case is brought to you by Mr. Smith Inc. of Massachusetts, which makes the recycled, "less equals more" , Jimi wallet. One percent of your Jimi purchase goes to One Percent for the Planet, so you can feel fuzzy about throwing down six pennies to fight poverty. Now that you can get a greener iPod case, how about a greener iPod?