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A gift idea for the geeky entrepreneurs

You know you want it.


I saw this on Uncrate a few days ago and even though it's not a gadget, per se, I knew I had to give it a mention on Crave. It's a very "Where's Waldo"-inspired ode to all things Web 2.0 (or at least the most recognizable players), plastering a busy city scene with logos from Flickr to Foobar. Recently I've covered a bunch of homegrown NYC start-ups for Crave's sister blog Webware, so I've come into contact with plenty of geeky, bouncy, AJAX-spouding, highly caffeinated Manhattan tech entrepreneurs. I'm pretty sure they all secretly want this poster, as much as they don't want to admit it. And, you know, maybe they've rubbed off on me, because I kind of want it too.

I wonder if anyone did one of these in the late '90s and covered it with such gems as, Webvan, and Kozmo.