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A gadget tribute to 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force'

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Boing Boing

Hey, Boston! So those Mooninites cost you $785,000? I know where you can get it back: Curt Schilling's paycheck! Anyway, continuing with the entire blogosphere's running theme of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the ridiculousness of how it shut down the city of Boston, we here at Crave have chosen to spend a post showcasing a gadget tribute to the Adult Swim cartoon. So, esteemed readers, here's what we recommend for gadget freaks who also happen to be ATHF junkies.

--Lite Brite. Let's start off with the obvious. Plenty of blogs have been comparing the appearance of the LED-filled "Mooninite" ads to this classic Hasbro toy. Here's how you can make your own!

Stainless Steel Meatballer The Kitchen Store

--French Fry Cutter. Think of it as a haircut for Frylock.

--High-powered Green Laser Pointer. On the subject of Frylock, because he shoots laser beams out of his eyes, clearly you need a pricey laser pointer like this one.

--Stainless Steel Meatballer. "Perfect meatballs quickly and easily." Sure, maybe Meatwad isn't a perfect meatball, but this thing still looks pretty cool.

Classic Milk Shake Maker Williams-Sonoma

--Oster Classic Milk Shake Maker. This shake maker is so good-looking, it probably makes concoctions that are way tastier than Master Shake.

--Play-Doh Fun With Food. Because ATHF is all about fun with food anyway.