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A gadget that makes garbage day a cinch

Trash bag cinch keeps the edge of your garbage bag in place

Maintenance Supplies Magazine

Nothing bugs me more on garbage day than digging my hands into the sides of my trash can, searching in vain for the bag that was so clearly at the top when I first began to fill it. I have a tall trash can, and the corner store sells bags that are perpetually too short, so the first time I throw a heavy ball of waste into the can, I can say "bye-bye" to the bag until it's time to dig it out for disposal.

This is something I've come to accept as a necessary evil of keeping a clean kitchen, but with this Trash Bag Cinch, maybe it's not so necessary after all.

The Trash Bag Cinch sits on the outside of your trash can. When you insert a bag, pulling one corner of it through the Cinch keeps it in place, much like the top lid of a tube of wet wipes keeps the next one conveniently peeking out. It's a simple concept, but a lifesaver on garbage day.

Keeping your hands clean isn't the only contribution this gadget makes to your kitchen cleanliness: if you buy the lemon-scented variety, your kitchen will smell fresh and clean.