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A full pitcher of fresh juice

You can squeeze a full pitcher of your favorite juice in one go with the CitrusMate Plus.

The CitrusMate Plus Black and Decker

Many juicers require you to stop the process partway through, so you can pour off the juice you've already squeezed. If you want more than just one glass, fresh juice may turn into quite a production. The CitrusMate Plus, from Black and Decker, has simplified juicing, however. It's an automatic juicer with a large capacity, and it comes with both small and large cones. You can juice lemons and limes just as easily with the CitrusMate Plus as you can juice oranges and grapefruit. Whatever fresh fruit you want to turn into a tasty beverage, you can juice a full liter's worth at a time. You can even use the juicer's container as a pitcher. It comes with a cover so that you can store your juice in it and it fits in the refrigerator.

The CitrusMate Plus uses an automatic, self-reversing reamer that also stirs the fresh juice. All juice goes through a strainer, which separates out the seeds from the juice. Juicing is as simple as selecting the right cone for your preferred citrus, plugging in the machine, and placing the fruit down onto the cone. The juicer handles things from there, even reversing in order to get as much juice as possible from one piece of fruit. The CitrusMate Plus is priced at approximately $20.