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A full-length film on iTunes: a sign of things to come?

A full-length film on iTunes: a sign of things to come?

CNET user dfalc86 read my last blog regarding movie downloads on iTunes and was astute enough to point out that there already is at least one full-length film available for sale in the "music" store: Disney's High School Musical. The movie, which is about 100 minutes long, shows up under short films in a search, though that designation isn't exactly accurate. Interestingly, I could find it only by searching; it's not listed under the Disney short film section. Neither does High School Musical share the same price as the other videos on iTunes--it's listed at $9.99, a price that has several iTunes users reeling, and at least one calling for a boycott (check out the reviews section). Is this a sign of things to come? Considering the DVD-burning restriction (that is, you can't do it), is 10 bucks a fair price to pay for a digital movie? At least with iTunes, you can transfer the videos to a portable device (only an iPod, naturally), unlike with competitors Movielink and CinemaNow, both of which price their movies at up to $30. Then again, Movielink is working on a plan that will allow customers to burn the videos to DVD. Even so, I think $30 is a ridiculous price for a digital movie download.