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A fridge you can look up to

KitchenAid's French-door, bottom-mount fridge is counter depth and 6-feet tall.

If you love the look of a built-in fridge, but can't afford to give up any interior space, KitchenAid may have a solution for you. The company's 72-inch counter-depth French-door fridge is only a little bit taller than the 69-inch standard size, but those extra inches translate to a lot of extra interior room.

So sleek! The built-in look for a better price. KitchenAid

Most kitchens will be able to accommodate the fridge easily- new construction in particular has a lot of vertical space that's underutilized in the kitchen. But even if you have an older home, grab a tape measure and see if you can squeeze this newfangled icebox in.

Smart design gives the fridge a narrow door swing so that it fits even in tight spaces and allows multiple chefs to maneuver in the kitchen at the same time. And when the doors are open, you'll notice that the wide fridge shelves have no interior divisions. So, slide in your baking pans and serving trays.

The bottom-freezer configuration is one of those things you don't realize is so fabulous until you try it. Once you do, you'll wonder why anyone ever puts a freezer in the top section of the refrigerator.

If you've ever tried to multitask with kitchen and kids, you'll love the single-hand water dispenser inside the fridge. Don't worry, it's placed so that it won't take up usable fridge space. And KitchenAid will help you keep that space organized with a variety of see-through compartments and drawers designed to keep your food at your fingertips.

A Star-K Kosher certified Sabbath mode lets you disable lights and alarms, and multiple temperature zones ensure that all your food is properly chilled.

You can find the 72-inch counter-depth fridge for $2,799 to $3,099, in stainless steel, black, and white.