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A fridge fit for the garage

It's useful to have a fridge out in the garage, but there are a few necessary qualifications that aren't found in every fridge meant for the kitchen. The Chillerator fits the bill, though.

The Chillerator will fit in with a utilitarian garage aesthetic. Gladiator Garageworks

What do you do when you've treated yourself to a new fridge, even though the old one still mostly runs? A lot of people drag it out to the garage and use it to store food that doesn't necessarily need to be in the kitchen. But that old fridge may not be the best choice for a garage appliance. First of all, it's probably not energy efficient and it may not be reliable. If you do plan to use the fridge in your garage for food, it may be worthwhile to invest in one that won't wind up costing you more in the end--whether you're looking at energy bills or spoiled food.

Whirlpool has created a fridge just for the garage: the Chillerator. This fridge is specially designed to manage temperature fluctuations without having to burn the extra energy a normal fridge would use. The Chillerator is an energy-efficient appliance, and has the Energy Star certification to prove it.

The Chillerator even looks the part of a garage fridge. It has wheels, in case you need to move it, and a graphite exterior that will blend in with the rest of your garage. It also has 19 cubic feet of usable fridge space.