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A French designer phone for kids

Handset maker Sagem hires artist to design teddy bear phone.


If fashion designers are willing to stake their reputations on cable boxes, audio servers, and hard drives, then it should be a no-brainer to do a phone for kids. And thankfully, France-based Sagem didn't fall back on the usual cheap toy look that curses so many children's gadgets.

Instead, it commissioned artist Lulu Castagnette to design the My411C handset, which looks pretty much like a grown-up mobile phone except for an external display that's cut out in a teddy bear silhouette. As Uberphones points out, the rest of its features are anything but remarkable, though that obviously isn't the key to success in the schoolyard marketplace. (We would have suggested some kind of partnership with Webkinz, but for some reason they didn't seek out our opinion.)

And another thing, as long as we're dispensing unsolicited advice: If Givori were smart, it would have targeted the kids market with its hideous "Serendipity" handset, because it already looks as if it were designed by a pre-schooler.