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A French artist hand-painted our favorite emojis onto this billiard set

Head-bandage, corner pocket.

French creative JB painted each of these emoji-themed billiard balls by hand.

Jean-Baptiste Henri Franck Cyrille Marie Le Divelec

You're probably already bracing yourself for the giant animated emojis exploding onto iOS 10 devices this fall, but before that happens check out this set of real-life billiard balls painstakingly painted by hand to look like a everyone's favorite emoticon faces.

"Poolmoji" is the work of Jean-Baptiste Henri Franck Cyrille Marie Le Divelec (JB for short), a French creative that recently moved to Shanghai to work at a marketing agency. When the office acquired a pool table, JB and a group of his coworkers got together to design and hand-paint fifteen of their favorite emoji expressions onto the balls.

Poolmojis in the rack.

Jean-Baptiste Le Divelec

Tired, astonished, grimacing and head-bandaged faces are all part of the set, and I have to say they look pretty funny rolling around on a pool table - it really takes the "animated" element to the next level. To accompany a photo gallery of the Poolmoji project, the team also created a bunch of GIFs that show the set in action, which you can check out below.

Jean-Baptiste Le Divelec
Jean-Baptiste Le Divelec
Jean-Baptiste Le Divelec