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A freezer without permafrost

It seems as if every freezer winds up with that layer of frost and ice taking up valuable space, as well as getting a bit icky. But Electrolux has a freezer that promises to defrost itself.

The EILFU17GS Electrolux

Food prices are on the rise, and I make a point of stocking up when I find a sale. With meat and other perishable groceries, it's hard to do that without a decent-size freezer. Even with a good freezer, though, you may have to chip out that dense layer of permafrost to get everything in. Not interested in spending all that time with your head in the freezer?

Electrolux has a freezer on the market now with a mouthful of a name, the EILFU17GS. The freezer has a frost-free design, eliminating the chore of either defrosting the whole freezer or chipping out ice. It's also Energy Star-certified, meaning that while you'll have to pay $1,199 for the actual freezer, it won't drive your electricity bill through the roof. And, as a bonus, it's better for the environment than a comparable freezer without the certification.

The EILFU17GS has a name you'll want to write down if you're going shopping. The exterior is stainless-steel with LED displays and exterior controls. It has Electrolux's trademark Fast Freeze option, as well, allowing you to freeze food faster. This freezer will even tell if something's wrong: it sounds an alarm if there's a power failure, if the door stays open longer than five minutes, or if the interior temperature rises above freezing.