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A folding keyboard for bands that do yoga

It bends in half to fit overhead bins on airplanes.


We've spent altogether too much time on guitars lately, whether they be real, virtual or even double-necked. The infatuation even extends, so to speak, to those that can do yoga.

But it's in this last category that we can bridge to another flexible instrument, this one in the form of a folding keyboard. Much to the delight of roadies everywhere, the "Vax 77" from Infinite Response folds in half specifically to fit into those ridiculously tight overhead compartments on airplanes according to FAA carry-on specifications. It also weighs about 25 pounds, which Technabob says is roughly half as heavy as most standard keyboards.

Pricing and availability information have yet to be released, but the Vax 77 supposedly won't be lacking in performance, including a highly touted "polyphonic aftertouch" feature. What we'd really like to see, though, is a version like this for the 280-key "Terpstra."