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A foam football that keeps stats

The Virtual Distance Football tells you exactly how far you've thrown it.

Sonny "Molasses Hands" Frankfort. Lou "250 Rushing Yards Before Dinner" Melvin. Morton "Grass Stains" Phillips. Max "Banana Legs" Shaughnessy. These are the legends of backyard football, and now your name can join them in the pantheon of leisure sports.

Take your backyard QB skills to another level.
Take your backyard QB skills to another level. The Discovery Store

The foam Virtual Distance Football, available from the Discovery Store, measures how far you can huck a Nerf-like football. The ball's "advanced sensor technology" calculates the in-air yardage of your pass, then displays it on an LCD screen right on the ball.

Unfortunately, the ball does not calculate "yards after catch," audibly count out five Mississippis, rate your celebration dances, or tell you how much you're screwing up your arm by repeatedly throwing a foam football as hard and far as you can. Still, having accurate yardage counts to weave into your post-game tales and trash talking is well worth the $19.95 price of the ball.

[Found on CrunchGear].