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A 'female' TV can be for men too

Samsung markets portable for women, but we don't know why

TV 'for women'
Akihabara News

Even in our perpetually clueless state we're somewhat familiar with the concept of gender-specific marketing, but we're not sure why this falls under either category.

For one thing, the photos of this 10-inch-screen Samsung portable TV depict representatives of both sexes gleefully viewing said product, which reportedly can be hooked up to an external hard drive. And the casing is a gender-neutral white--not even pink!--so it's unclear which features make this "exclusively reserved for female customers," as Akihabara News puts it.

The only clue that might tip it in that direction is a picture of a woman holding the DMB TV like a handbag in one hand while precariously balancing what appears to be a demitasse in the other. It might not be pretty, but even we can do that.