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A failed DirecTV acquisition of TiVo?

DirecTV at one time discussed acquiring TiVo, but TiVo turned DirecTV down, according to a Monday column by Phillip Swann in

What's the saying about a satellite company scorned? DirecTV reacted by turning down TiVo, as well, according to Swann. DirecTV sold its stake in TiVo; the DirecTV executive on the TiVo board resigned and DirecTV began using the NDS DVR software.

TiVo representatives declined to comment on rumor and speculation.

At this point, a DirecTV acquisition of TiVo is water under the bridge, especially since TiVo signed a long-term licensing deal with DirecTV cable rival Comcast. However, talk of it once again stirs the pot regarding TiVo.

There's been lots of speculation about TiVo's future, with various companies including Apple Computer, Sony and Comcast, among others, kicking the acquisition tires at the digital-video recorder company. DirecTV is but the latest.

As far as the TiVo-DirecTV relationship goes, the companies' licensing contracts ends in 2007 and the two said on Tuesday that they have extended an advertising pact.