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A Dupont case for the discerning road warrior

It's done in crocodile skin with a black diamond on every clasp.

S.T. Dupont

With the MacBook Air about to descend upon the masses, it's time to think about a valise that's appropriate for this piece of techno-royalty. But what to do if you weren't amused by the "AirMail" envelope and aren't thrilled with more conventional alternatives?

Dupont has the answer. The luxury goods concern is releasing the "S.T. Dupont Diamond," a limited-edition handmade travel case to mark its 135th anniversary. Although it's not a computer case per se, it can still do the job while also serving as a laptop stand--one that's finished in black crocodile skin with a black diamond in each clasp, that is. It also comes with a "Black Diamond" 2GB USB drive (the latest of many), according to Sybarites, as well as more traditional Dupont accessories such as a palladium lighter and writing set.

But if you're planning on an extended stay, you might need something a little larger. Such as the "i-Trunk."