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A Dre-ful ad celebrates the Apple-Beats deal (and then doesn't)

With two Beats Pills and a cameo by Siri, the spot spoofs a celebration by Dr. Dre. Then it disappears from the Twitter feed of Beats By Dre.

Not invited. Apple/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

When you smugly think you've locked up all the cool, aside from the LL and the J, you celebrate.

Just as the Apple and Beats deal was finalized, and could finally embrace the "family" cliche, an ad emerged that appeared to make something of an in-joke.

You might remember that in May, some days before the deal was officially announced, Dr. Dre released a celebratory video that was a mite premature.

So on Friday, the Beats By Dre Twitter account apparently linked to an ad featuring two Beats Pills desperate to go to Dre's rah-rah bash. Because you just know Dre's going to have a rah-rah bash.

Siri has informed them of the event. They need to dress up. They also need to know where Dre lives.

Siri, who sounds a touch off her game, has to disappoint. The party is invitation-only.

Worse, when she's cross examined further, she falls back on the very typical: "Sorry, I didn't get that."

Oddly, as MacRumors reports, the link to the ad disappeared from the Beats By Dre Twitter account. The video's not on the company's YouTube account either.

It is a mystery, then, which I have asked Apple to solve for me. I will update, should I hear.

The ad, though, offers an interesting story. Two very famous brands have got together to create an even more self-congratulatory, conglomerate-ory conglomerate.

They want you to be part of the cool. But don't ever think they'll invite you to actually be with the cool people.