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A drawer you'll never have to slam shut

Poggenpohl's +Motion and +Motion Drive technology lets you open and close a drawer with just a touch.

These drawers immediately reminded me of my parents.

Not because they are great admirers of modern classic design. No, it's because they have the most annoying kitchen drawer on the planet. It never closes completely, no matter how hard you slam it.

A handy drawer that opens and closes itself. Poggenpohl

Since it's unlikely they will ever fix that drawer, I've decided they need to replace it with a Poggenpohl drawer.

These drawers, from the Germany-based luxury kitchen designer, use the company's +Motion and +Motion Drive technology to open and close automatically.

With +Motion, all you do is touch the center of the drawer and it triggers a motor to silently close. No slamming required.

With the +Motion Drive technology, you touch the middle of the drawer and it uses a sensor to gently open. There are no handles to pull.

Since the system is mechanically powered, the tension when gliding drawers or cabinets open or shut will remain constant, unlike spring mechanisms in drawers that can weaken over time.

Poggenpohl (Love the name. Say it four times fast and you'll feel like you are moving up and down.) includes the +Motion function standard in all of its drawers and cabinets. The +Motion Drive technology, which is a separate feature to install, is also available on all of the company's cabinets and drawers.