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A dishwasher that fits under the cabinets

The Haier HDC1804TW Counter Top Dishwasher features a compact size that leaves little excuse for not doing the dishes.

No more excuses for not doing the dishes.

A sink full of dirty dishes is a good way to ruin an appetite. Faced with the need to do a chore before eating, the result is all too often not eating. Or, rather than skipping a meal, a quick run to the local fast food establishment could be the answer to avoidance of the dreaded dirty dishes. Neither option is particularly appealing. If dirty dishes got you down, the only way to deal with them is to (eventually) clean them up. If kitchen size is the source of your procrastination, a compact dishwasher could be the solution.

The Haier HDC1804TW Counter Top Dishwasher measures only 17.2 inches tall, allowing the small model to slide in anywhere along the countertop. Capable of connecting either to a sink or as a fixed installation, the diminutive dishwasher offers a surprising amount of interior space with the ability to wash a full four-place settings in one load.

With three automatic wash cycles--heavy, normal, and gentle--the appliance offers the versatility one might expect out of a full-size unit. The sleek styling of the unit includes a stainless steel interior and electronic touch controls on the exterior. Of course, no matter how convenient style, size, or versatility may be, procrastination could still rear its ugly head--but turning on a dishwasher is certainly more attractive than any sink full of dirty dishes could ever be.