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A digital photo frame, with flowers!

Philips sells one for Mother's Day in this overcrowded market


What did we tell you? Yesterday we whining characteristically about a preponderance of digital photo frames on the market. And now we find that yet another one is being hawked, this one by Philips.

But here's the rub: The latest "Digital PhotoFrame" seen on MobileWhack doesn't seem to feature much of anything new over previous models and is apparently being marketed solely for Mother's Day, available with an "exquisite new floral design."

That, in our humble opinion, is more evidence that this business is way overcrowded. Companies typically mount a big push on relatively minor holidays (sorry Mom) to move older items or excess inventory, often touting "special editions" with different colors or minor design changes. Philips may have a perfectly decent product here, but we wouldn't be surprised if it's resorting to that old fallback strategy.