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A designer water flask to complement your accessories

A reusable water bottle that looks as good as you do.

Eva Solo

It's a hot summer day, and you're out shopping. You've got your look together and your accessories are perfect. With the minor exception of the plastic water bottle in your hand.

In addition to the environmental faux pas, it just Dress up your outfit instead with a stainless steel water flask from Eva Solo.

The flask, which costs $75, will keep your water cool and refreshing all day long. Yes, you can freeze your plastic water bottle for the same effect. But it'll sweat all over everything in your bag, and depending on just how hot it is, you may be quenching your thirst with a block of ice you can't break up.

The Eva Solo water flask is available both in matte and polished stainless steel, and the lid features a smart strap, which means you can carry the flask around your wrist. The matte thermos water flask has a black strap; the polished flask has a red strap. And it's functional: the mouthpiece is easy to take off and put on, without spilling a drop.