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A cure for gadget-filled pockets?

The ScottEVest TEC Hat 4.0 helps you clear pocket space normally consumed by keys, change, and credit cards.

Thanks to Leo Laporte over at This Week in Tech (TWiT), we recently got our heads under the ScottEVest TEC Hat 4.0. Leo doesn't make the hat, but he ordered a run of TEC hats branded with the TWiT logo.

Billed as the ultimate hat for gadgeteers, the TEC Hat helps clear up pocket space normally consumed by keys, change, credit cards, and the like. It has a side compartment roomy enough to hold a small MP3 player (an iPod Nano fits nicely), as well as an under-the-bill pocket for loose change and a key or two.

Two loops on the side of the hat are dubbed an "earbud management system"--that description may be a stretch, but they do hold in-ear headphones in place.

It's a good-looking and useful hat, but does it pass the fashion test? Watch our exclusive video to see what happened when we put the TEC Hat 4.0 through rigorous user testing and fashion scrutiny.

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