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A cupcake fit for high tea

No matter how fancy a tea party, the Teacupcakes Cupcake Molds will ensure your cupcakes fit in.

The Teacupcakes Cupcake Molds
The Teacupcakes Cupcake Molds Perpetual Kid

I may have slowed down on throwing fancy tea parties for my friends and me since I've been growing up, but that doesn't mean I don't want to put something elegant on the table these days. The Teacupcakes Cupcake Molds let you turn a standard sweet into something we can all lift our pinkie fingers while eating. The molds are silicone and allow you to bake your cupcakes right in them. They're reusable--giving them a definite benefit over the typical cupcake wrappers. A little frosting on top, perhaps a few sprinkles, and you have a special treat.

The Teacupcakes Cupcake Molds even come with saucers, to ensure that your tea party table is perfectly elegant. The molds come in sets of four, letting you invite a few friends over for tea and cupcakes. The Teacupcakes Cupcake Molds are made from pure silicone and phthalate-free plastic. Each cup measures 1.75 inches tall by 2.75 inches wide, which is big enough for the average cupcake. You can even let your cupcakes run a little large if you want to mix up enough batter for six cupcakes. The Teacupcakes Cupcake Molds are $17.99 for the set.