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A cupcake fit for a king

Sometimes a small cupcake just isn't enough. For those times when you need an 8-inch tall cupcake, the Dimensions Giant Cupcake Pan is the answer.

The Dimensions Giant Cupcake Pan Wilton

Cupcakes are fun to decorate and fun to eat. But occasionally, you have to bake a bigger cake. The Dimensions Giant Cupcake Pan from Wilton gives you the option of baking a giant cupcake, and sticking with the fun of decorating and eating a cupcake in larger sizes. The pan actually bakes the cupcake in two pieces--the top and the base--which you'll be able to assemble after backing. To put the pieces together, you'll need to spread a thin layer of icing so that the top and the bottom hold together. The fully constructed cake will stand about 8 inches tall, not counting any frosting or decorations you choose to add. There are quite a few different options when it comes to decorations, too. While you can stick with a traditional cupcake design, Wilton offers a whole online list of decorating ideas for this pan.

The Dimensions Giant Cupcake Pan is made from cast aluminum, is professional quality, and has a lifetime warranty. The pan has a nonstick surface that makes releasing your finished cakes simple, and it also makes clean up go a lot faster. The pan holds 10 cups of batter, and measures 15.5 inches by 8.24 inches by 3.75 inches. The Dimensions Giant Cupcake Pan costs $30.99.