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A counter-depth French door fridge from Haier

Haier's newest counter-depth bottom-freezer French door fridges give your kitchen a built-in look.

When we remodeled our kitchen two years ago, we chose a bottom freezer French door fridge, a choice we have come to love and appreciate more each day. Storing groceries at eye level in the fridge just makes good sense. The interior deli tray drawer is a great place to store platters for easy serving. Overall, it's easy to find--or put back--what I need.

But my fridge--one of the earliest of these bottom freezer French door beauties--juts out from my counters and interrupts the otherwise clean lines of my kitchen. And it is just a tiny bit irritating to scrounge around in the bottom freezer for the Popsicles my children crave after meals. I live with these small inconveniences, but you don't have to.

The double freezer drawers keep this fridge extra-organized. Haier America

Haier's new 20.6 cubic foot counter depth French door refrigerator lines up with your existing cabinetry to present a smooth, built in look in your kitchen. Opening only one door to access food saves energy. Store mealtime foods on the right and snacking solutions on the left, or find another way to organize your fridge to fit your life.

Use the large lower fridge drawer to store meats and other meal makers. Then use the smaller upper drawer (located at just under counter height) to store deserts and vegetables, to simplify meal prep. The upper drawer also houses the icemaker, so that you don't have to bend down constantly to refill your drinks.

Take advantage of the Express Chill and Express Freeze features--they'll quickly cool your groceries to the proper temperature to preserve food quality. With a wine storage rack, adjustable gallon door storage bins, adjustable gliding glass shelves, and an optional water dispenser, this fridge will keep all your food fresh and accessible.

The fridge is Energy Star compliant and costs about $1,700 to $2,000.