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A cool iPhone holster? GSi locks it in place with magnets

This holster and bumper case seems like a snap to use. Even backflips won't send your iPhone flying.

GSi iPhone bumper case

For many people, nerdy smartphone holsters are the epitome of un-cool. For many others, they're a daily necessity.

Here's a solution that's both eye-pleasing and practical. The GSi is a bumper case and holster that secures your iPhone in place with magnets while making it very easy to grab when needed.

The contraption hangs from a belt, waistband, or purse, and lets the phone dangle within easy reach.

The focus of a $12,500 Kickstarter campaign, the GSi works with the iPhone 4, 4S, or 5 and presents an alternative to sticking your handset in your pocket or armband.

Developed by New Mexico-based GearLeash, the GSi consists of a steel and polycarbonate bumper case around the iPhone that attaches to the holster with neodymium magnets.

As the video below shows, the phone stays in place even when a user does jumps or backflips.

To release the phone, grab it and rotate down from the holster. A ratcheting clip attaches the assembly to a belt or wherever else you want to hang it.

Bringing the steel part of the case close to the magnets allows you to re-holster it. The holster also has a tripod mount for iPhone photography.

The GSi is being offered to campaign backers starting at $45. Check out the details here.