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A concept that's something to 'Mooon' over

The end snaps off to become a Bluetooth headset.

Yanko Design

Here's an idea that we bet could easily become the most copied design, after the iPhone. Check out the Mooon+." (Yes, that's three o's, presumably since that will be your expression of awe when you first see this concept phone in person.) It isn't so much the copycat touch screen and sleek lines that will make an impression, but designer Sunman Kwon's clever twist at the end. Snap off the top piece and--voila!--you get a Bluetooth headset that's been craftily docked onto the handset the whole time. There are no other specs to speak of, but who cares? We just want to see this going to market and eclipsing the iPhone's hype just a little.

(Source: Crave Asia)