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A collapsible dish rack for compact kitchens

This design concept would allow people with small kitchens to break down their dish rack and stow it away when it's not in use.

For tiny apartment dwellers with limited kitchen space, this collapsible dish rack could be very handy. It's made of two separate pieces of plastic that fit together to make a dish rack when you need it. They can then be taken apart, laid flat and tucked away in a drawer when you're doing prep work and need the counter space.

Jill Davis' collapsible dish rack
Jill Davis Design

I can't imagine it would be sturdy enough for pots, pans or heavy casserole dishes. But even if it can only handle the everyday stuff, the ability to tuck it away to clear the counter top or pull it out as a second dish rack when you've got a small sink and a lot of dishes to clean at once, I can see this being helpful.

It's just a design concept right now (from JillDavisDesign), but it could be a neat small-kitchen addition if it ever gets made.

If you just can't wait for Davis' stylish version to become a reality, there are several other folding dish racks already on the market.

(Via BoingBoing)