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A collander with a new shape

The Cylinder Colander brings some new thinking to an old design.

The Cylinder Colander Taylor Gifts

While colanders have been a kitchen standard for a long time, there may still be one or two improvements that can be made to the bowl-with-holes design that is standard. The Cylinder Colander is just such an upgrade. Rather than the spherical shape most colanders come in, this colander offers a deeper shape that keeps your food a little more contained. The Cylinder Colander minimizes splash backs when you're draining pasta, as well as keeping lettuce and other leafy greens from getting away when you're washing fresh produce.

The Cylinder Colander is made from stainless steel, which is far sturdier than the plastic colanders that seem to have become popular lately. It has large handles that make it easier to lift, especially when you're dealing with something like a hot, heavy batch of pasta. The holes are evenly punched out, large enough to drain water quickly while not letting small pieces of food make an escape. It also offers a steady three-sided base that will keep it in place even as you dump a hot pot into the colander. It measures 9 inches across the top and stands 7.5 inches tall, making the colander large enough to drain plenty of food at once. The Cylinder Colander is $37.98.