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A Cloud migration blueprint

Moving to the Cloud is getting easier all the time. This blueprint gives some insight into the best ways to make your move.

Over on ZDNet, Larry Dignan has a great blueprint for companies considering a move to the Cloud. A company called Helpstream migrated it's infrastructure to Amazon Web Services over the course of six months while maintaining service all along.

Some projected savings from the move to the Cloud:

  • Helpstream will save 100 percent on servers, switches, VPNs and other infrastructure;
  • 21 percent on bandwidth, cage space and other Amazon charges;
  • 59 percent on monitoring, server administration and in-cage work.

It's becoming more and more clear that the Cloud, and specifically Amazon's Web Services represents a viable deployment model for all kinds of applications. The reduced cost and ease of deployment far outweighs the downsides.

Realistically, enterprises will always have a bit of hardware for local development and QA, but even a 50 percent cost reduction on hardware would be fantastic. And at this point, security is not dramatically different from you would be running yourself in a corporate data center.

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