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A clock to add more stress to your life

The Ambient Clock shows your Google Calendar appointments

Ambient Clock
Ambient Devices

Just what we need--one more way to remind us how late we are.

At first glance, it looks pretty much like an ordinary clock. But if you check more closely, you'll see some black blocks and dotted lines around the face of the Ambient Clock. Those indicate, respectively, your calendar appointments and how long it will take to get to them.

How does it know what you've booked and when? The clock updates itself through a wireless connection to your Google Calendar. While the blocks represent chunks of minutes, each dot stands for one mile from the appointment.

The clock is normally blue but turns yellow when it's 10 minutes before an event--and, if you see it turn orange, you're late. Which means that, if you're a true masochist, you might want to get this watch as well.