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A circus in the morning

Bring an elephant to the breakfast table with the Circus Waffle Maker.

The Circus Waffle Maker Betty Crocker

My house can be a circus in the morning, so it seems fitting to put the circus on the table. The Circus Waffle Maker lets you turn out elephants, lions, and clowns in waffle form, perfect for a table full of hungry kids. The waffle maker is 9.25 inches by 9.75 inches, so the resulting waffles are sized for a child's appetite--although if you want to eat a couple of elephants, here's your chance to do it. It takes the Circus Waffle Maker about 4 minutes to make a batch of waffles. You can certainly make your favorite waffle recipes in this waffle maker, but it also comes with recipes.

The Circus Waffle Maker has a nonstick surface so that your waffles actually come out looking like the creatures they're supposed to resemble, as well as minimizing cleanup. The waffle maker has a locking handle and a cool-to-the-touch outer shell, so even if your own circus wants to help make breakfast, everyone will be safe. It's even sized so that you can take it with if your show goes on the road, say, to Grandma's. The Circus Waffle Maker is $27.95.