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A cigarette machine that recognizes faces

Japanese system has a camera that checks database and guesses age.

Crave Asia

This "Child Check System" introduced by Japanese company Fujitaka uses facial recognition to determine if the person buying cigarettes is over the legal age limit, which is currently 20 in Japan. A camera embedded in the vending machine takes a picture, then compares it with its database of 100,000 faces.

The system even checks for lines and skin tones to estimate a person's age. It will be installed in about half a million vending machines in Japan from July this year.

Whether this actually works in stopping underaged consumers from smoking is still too early to tell. After all, there are lots of people who look younger than their actual age, and others who appear more mature than they are.

So what's next? A vending machine that determines if you are too fat to buy a soda?

(Source: Crave Asia)