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A cheesy Steve Jobs tribute--in mozzarella

If you've always wanted a bust of the iconic Steve Jobs in your house, you've come to the right place. There's just one caveat: it's made out of cheese.

Steve Jobs Cheese Head
This is Steve Jobs. In mozzarella. On top of noodles. The Cooks' Den

It's not often I come across something on the Web that makes me cringe, but it happened earlier Wednesday when I spotted a sculpture of Steve Jobs' head made out of mozzarella cheese.

The sculpture (if we can call it that) was created by "Ken" over at The Cooks' Den. Dubbed Steve Jobs Cheese Head, the Apple CEO's dome is made from two blocks of mozzarella cheese, ground pepper (for the hair, people, c'mon!), and glasses to finish off the look.

Ken calls himself a "Mac fanboy" and plans to be in line when the iPad hits store shelves on April 3. As a show of "appreciation for [his] much-loved Apple products," he decided to build the "tasty sculpture in the form of Apple's venerable leader."

I've seen some rather, uh, interesting things in my day, but the Steve Jobs Cheese Head might just take the cake. It's creepy. Very, very creepy. And the worst part is, Ken included directions on how to create your very own Steve Jobs Cheese Head, so there may be more of these popping up when we really don't want them to.

Oh, and in case you're hungry, the cheese head is also edible--Ken offers three recipes that you can try out if you plan to eat Steve Jobs. Thanks, Ken!

Steve Jobs nachos
Steve Jobs Nachos: They're melting! The Cooks' Den