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A cheaper, faster Internet in the future

Cheap, high-speed Internet service? New technology and more ad money just may make the possibility a reality, according to @Home's chief executive.

Cheap, high-speed Internet service? It may be just around the corner, according to @Home's chief executive. An increase in advertising dollars may help subsidize services to the point where the cost to consumers will be minimal, Tom Jermoluk said at a conference. Meanwhile, a new chip developed by Conexant could cut the price of cable modems in two.

@Home chief: Access prices will fall
update Tom Jermoluk predicts that access fees for his high-speed Internet service could hit rock bottom as Net advertising and e-commerce dollars increase.

New chip may slice cable modem prices
With Broadcom in its sights, Conexant Systems develops a programmable chip that may cut the price of cable modems in half.

Flat-rate Net access still alive, for now
Are the days of flat-rate local calls to ISPs drawing to an end? The answer appears to be no, despite a decision that reclassifies ISP calls as long distance.