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A chat with the creator of the 'quantum ATM'

Art meets science and technology in Jonathon Keats' attempt to fix the world's money problems via quantum physics. Crave's Eric Mack had a chat with him in a Google+ Hangout recently to get the scoop.

Jonathon Keats
Jonathon Keats has created the ATM of our dreams. OUPAcademic/Screenshot by CNET

This week, experimental philosopher Jonathon Keats will install the world's first "Quantum ATM" in New York City.

Part art installation, part science experiment, and part social commentary, the new not-so-automated teller machine at 20 Rockefeller Center will take deposits and transfer them to a so-called quantum superposition, allowing the real-world cash to proliferate itself into seven billion accounts in the Quantum Bank.

Sound like nonsense? Or the most deliciously geeky experiment of late that's sure to be the talk of all the smartest parties of the summer?

If you lean toward the latter, watch the archived video below of my Google+ Hangout with Keats, where he talks all about his voyage into the nascent world of quantum finance, pornography for plants, and what exactly it is that he's all about, anyway.