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A charging station designed for neat freaks

BlueLounge takes messiness seriously.

Crave Asia

BlueLounge is a company that makes cable management cool, as seen by its SpaceStation desktop organizer we featured about a month ago. Now it has announced the Sanctuary, a dish that holds your personal artifacts with cables that stick out of its base to charge various mobile devices.

Under its inner tray is a large AC adapter with many compatible connectors for devices from such big-name brands as Apple, Nokia, and Samsung. It also has a built-in USB port so you can plug in a USB charger for any connector the Sanctuary doesn't have. You pick the connectors you need, run them through the cut-outs on the tray, and presto! Tangles be gone.

Such elegance comes for the princely sum of $129.95. For those who can't justify spending that amount on cable management, we're happy to direct your attention to a modified IKEA box that performs the same function and costs just 11.24 euros to make--labor not included.

(Source: Crave Asia)