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A chair for 'vigorous gamers'

For nearly $500, we don't quite get it.

Tech Digest

This one we're not so sure about. Granted, some of the more elaborate game chairs and simulators featured in this space aren't for everyone, but we have a hard time justifying nearly $500 for what appears to be just a seat.

Tech Digest says the "Playseat Evolution" is a sponsor of the Dutch A1 racing team, made of steel oval-pipe framing and compatible with all the major game consoles and accessories. It's been released on the U.K. market and can reportedly withstand "even the most vigorous of gamers."

All that may be true, but we suggest that they change its name if they really want it to be taken seriously; "Playseat" sounds like something from Fisher-Price. Speaking of which, we'd just as soon get a bean-bag "Slouchpod" and play in comfort.