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A cat head for a camera

The Hello Kitty machine cranks out another one.

Akihabara News

Apparently the Sanrio empire, growing bolder by the day, no longer feels the need to use more subtle imagery in its universal brainwashing campaign. ("Subtle," of course, is a relative term whenever Hello Kitty is involved.)

Unlike more restrained uses of the ubiquitous HK logo, its newest camera inverts the entire relationship between function and branding: The gadget is part of the cat, not the other way around. Yes, the feline head pictured here is the actual camera, a much more extreme design from that of other models we've seen, including one just a few weeks ago.

The 5-megapixel camera with a 2-inch LCD isn't anything to brag about for its specs, but that's obviously not the point. At this rate, we fear it won't be long before a fleet of Hello Kitty dirigibles darkens the sky.