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A car battery that could last 100 miles

TRL claims to have important new technology

Those of us who cover auto technology are tired of laptops getting all the attention when it comes to battery life. Take this, for example: A new kind of battery made primarily from carbon and plastic could extend the range of electric cars up to 100 miles.

Technology Research Laboratories announced the new battery technology, claiming that it has been tested beyond 100,000 cycles and handles full discharge without damage. TRL also claims less than 1,000 pounds of the new batteries will power an electric car or plug-in hybrid for 75 to 100 miles.

TRL is seeking manufacturing partners to produce the new batteries, which is why we can offer only a photo of its lab instead of an actual product. Some tweaks will definitely be needed: Nickel-metal-hydride battery packs in the current generation of Toyota Priuses weigh well under 200 pounds, for instance, so the TRL technology would need refinement to be a practical competitor.

Still, given the direction of the auto industry, that's huge news if the batteries can perform anywhere near its projected levels.

(Photo: Technology Research Laboratories)