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A bus driver uses two cell phones, while driving

Video emerges of an Italian bus driver who is talking on a cell phone, while adjusting his smart phone, while driving the bus with his elbows. He is reportedly suspended from duty.

Please don't try this at home. And please don't try this at work, especially if you happen to be the driver of a means of public transportation.

Because this video, posted by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, projects something that is so stunning and yet so entirely everyday.

Here is a bus driver, talking on one cell phone while making adjustments to his smartphone. The only slight drawback is that he's driving the bus, with his elbows.

Who here assembled has never driven a vehicle with one finger or perhaps two knees?

And yet there is something so blessedly relaxed about this bus driver, as if he has his own list of priorities, on which the safety of his passengers doesn't quite make the Top 10.

The Guardian, whose grasp of Italian is slightly better than mine, says that this film was shot on the road from Anagnina metro station to Ciampino airport in Rome.

Should this happen to send you on the road to angina, the paper reports that the driver was, indeed, suspended from duty, while an inquiry is held.

What might they be inquiring about? It seems that he was talking on his cell phone in order to learn how to set up his smartphone, and he was having a little trouble.

Might they be inquiring as to how a Roman bus driver could afford both a cell phone and a smartphone? Might they be inquiring about making him the head of their new "drive-by-elbow" bus service for special trips to amusement parks and circuses?

Or might they be considering whether to enforce a law that makes everyone in Rome drive with their elbows?

Perhaps if everyone in Rome drove with their elbows they might actually be more focused and drive more slowly in that most beautiful and lunatic of driving cities.