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A burger in hand, three in the freezer

Burger Maker Set is a simple freezing solution for always keeping your favorite homemade burgers on hand.

One for now, three for later. Fresh Finds

There are few foods that stack up against a good ol' hamburger. There are even fewer foods (tuna salad does come to mind) that benefit more from homemade customization. While ordering a burger from your favorite burger joint may be great, there is no comparison to having one made just the way you like it. You get to put in the mix exactly what you want, from onions to green peppers, with only your pantry (and imagination) limiting the type of toppings to pile on to your personal creation.

Whether you enjoy them fried or grilled, first you gotta make 'em. Unless you happen to have some already on hand, that means a trip to the store for the meat. It would be great if your favorite burger recipe were already preformed and ready to go, right? Problem is, those frozen patties sold at the grocery mart are usually not quite so delicious. The solution? Buy more than enough meat, ramp up your recipe, and make extra.

This Burger Maker Set is not only a freezer-ready burger-storing solution, but also a burger-former. Simply take a pound of your burger mix, press it into the tray, and apply the patty cutter to form four identical patties. Cover and seal, and you can always have your favorite burger on hand and waiting for you whenever you want.

The set includes three plastic trays with lids, and is available for $14.95. Freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe.