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A briefcase with James Bond looks and Al Gore attitude

Solar laptop case charges your computer, iPod, GPS navigator, etc.


Hey, hippies! I know you probably carry your laptop around in an organic-cotton sack and would never think of switching over to a briefcase (that evil, chilly symbol of greedy corporate America and all its Hummer-driving Enron-clone zombies). But maybe this will change your mind. Treehugger recently featured the Eclipse Solar Gear Hybrid Notebook Case, which will charge your computer with solar energy thanks to an inverter and battery pack inside. In addition, it can charge your GPS navigator, MP3 player, satellite radio system, or BlackBerry. But you don't have a BlackBerry, of course. Those are instruments of Big Brother.

So, as you tote your laptop around from "Save the Polar Bears" Meetups to Pearl Jam concerts to the wheatgrass smoothie bar at Whole Foods, it can be sustainably charging in the process. Groovy.