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A bottle-opener with something to trumpet

The Elephant Bottle Opener may be small, but it's got the leverage to open your bottles.

The Elephant Bottle Opener Urban Outfitters

There's an elephant happy to open your beer bottles for you: the Elephant Bottle Opener can handle both popping lids and twisting caps. The elegant bottle opener puts its trunk to work as a lever to lift off lids, while you'll need to flip it over to see the twist-off opener in its belly. You can fit this elephant in your pocket; it's a mere 2 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. The Elephant Bottle Opener has a particularly attractive appearance and is made from aluminum, with a brushed-metal appearance that will catch eyes. The twist-off opener offers a contrasting metallic appearance, while being recessed into the bottle opener as a whole.

The Elephant Bottle Opener was designed by Jergen Moller for the luxury design company, Georg Jensen. The attractive appearance will fit in anywhere, whether you're looking to match a modern kitchen or at an informal gathering. While an elephant may not be the first animal you think of when opening a bottle, the stylized shape of the opener lends itself to easily opening a beer or two. The rounded-off body provides the grip necessary to remove a lid, whether you're twisting it off or popping it off. It's priced at $20.