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A bona fide high-end home theater speaker system that won't break the bank

The GoldenEar Technology TritonCinema Two multichannel home theater system is winning raves from the audiophile press.

The complete GoldenEar Technology TritonCinema Two multichannel home theater system GoldenEar Technology

A few months ago I had the pleasure of reviewing GoldenEar Technology's least expensive home theater system. The SuperCinema 3 ($1,750) comes with five small satellite speakers and a smallish subwoofer, but the sound was big and beautiful. More than that, the sound was distinctly high-end in its flavor. It was easy to tell it was designed primarily for home theater, but for those buyers who also have a hankering for audiophile-quality sound.

Home Theater magazine's Darryl Wilkinson recently reviewed a large GoldenEar system, the TritonCinema Two, which retails for $3,495. The five-piece system consists of a pair of Triton Two tower speakers, a SuperSat 50C center, and a pair of SuperSat 3 satellite speakers to handle surround duties. What, no subwoofer? No, the TritonCinema Two system doesn't need one; each tower speaker houses a pair of 5x9-inch front-mounted quadratic subwoofer bass drivers coupled with dual side-mounted 7x10-inch planar bass radiators, and a 1,200-watt switching amplifier. That's great, and you don't have to find a spot in your room for a humongous subwoofer.

Looking over the review it definitely sounds like Wilkinson was as impressed by the big GoldenEar system as I was by the little SuperCinema 3, saying, "The TritonCinema Two system is spectacularly spectacular." He thought the sound was comparable to large electrostatic speakers, and that's high praise indeed for a home theater system. Wilkinson awarded the TritonCinema Two five-star ratings (the maximum) for Performance, Value, and Build Quality.