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A boatload of printers from Lexmark

Lexmark releases six new printers.

...Or at least, multiple armloads of printers. Lexmark announced six new printers today, both wired and wireless, but all inkjet. Lexmark has been at the forefront of offering wireless capability built-in, even on its low-cost, consumer oriented single-function printers like the Z1420. This new batch of printers includes four that offer wireless networking:

The Lexmark X7550 Wireless All-in-One. Lexmark

- X6570 Wireless All-in-One ($150): this unit prints, scans, copies, and faxes. It also offers memory card slots, a PictBridge enabled USB port, an automatic document feeder, an auto duplexer, and optional six-color printing. It lacks a graphical LCD however, offering just a text LCD.

- X7550 Wireless All-in-One ($200): the X7550 is basically the X6570, with the addition of a 2.4-inch color LCD for previewing photos, and faster print speeds.

- X4850 Wireless All-in-One ($150): the X4850 lacks both ADF and fax functionality, but includes a graphical LCD.

- Z1520 Wireless Color Printer ($130): the Z1520 is the update to the Z1420. It offers memory card slots and optional six-color photo printing.

The X5070 and X5495 are both full-color all-in-one printers, though unlike the previous models, they lack wireless capability. The $90 X5070 features fax, scan, and copy capability, a built-in handset (for faxing), an automatic document feeder, and PictBridge support. The $100 X5495 offers slightly faster print speeds than the X5070, but a smaller ADF.

All of these models will be available in September, except for the the X5495 which will hit stores in December.