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A better button-down? Entrepreneur promises self-cleaning shirt

Marketing grad raises big Kickstarter bucks on claims his shirt can be worn time and again, doesn't wrinkle, and remains odor-free -- without a single washing.

Wool & Prince

A new shirt being touted as "the better button-down" aims to make laundry as we know it a thing of the past. The entrepreneur behind it claims it never wrinkles and can be worn over and over, without being washed.

Marketing grad Mac Bishop, 24, says his shirt not only looks good, but is soft to the touch, resistant to wrinkling, and odor-free. To prove it, he wore one of the shirts for 100 days in a row without washing it.

"I've (run) 4 miles in this shirt, I've biked 5 miles in this shirt, I've thrown it on after a basketball game," Bishop told CBS News. "It airs out. It's the miracle fiber."

That miracle fiber is wool, but the kind Bishop uses is more than three times thinner than a human hair. He claims this is why his shirts are extra resistant to moisture, making them the perfect garment for people on the go.

To bring his vision to life, Bishop turned to Kickstarter. In just over a week, more than 2,000 supporters have helped him raise more than $290,000, nearly 10 times his original goal.

So, is Bishop out to say he is promoting a shirt that can literally can last a lifetime? "Yeah, that's the goal," he told CBS News' Michelle Miller.

And what's in it for his supporters? A self-cleaning shirt to call their own.

This story originally appeared on "CBS This Morning."