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A better bun

Making your own hot dog buns can make a world of difference in how your franks taste. The Hot Dog Bun Pan can turn out the best buns you've ever had.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Those hot dog buns you buy at the supermarket have been traveling for awhile. They may be a little flattened out by the time you get them home and will definitely taste a little bland. This isn't necessarily a problem, until you realize it is easy to make your own and they taste much, much better.

There are many recipes for whipping up a batch of hot dog buns; the only hard part about any of those recipes is making sure you have the right pan. The Americoat Nonstick Hot Dog Bun Pan is ideal for turning out a whole batch of buns at once. Even better, you can make just the number of buns you need at any given time, avoiding superfluous buns.

The Hot Dog Bun Pan is made of aluminized steel, which allows an even distribution of heat, and is coated in Americoat, an environmentally friendly nonstick formula. The pan measures 15 inches long by 6 inches wide, separated into 10 sections by raised ridges. When you pull your buns out of the oven, you can separate them with barely a touch. You can safely use the pan in ovens up to 450 degrees. You should wash it by hand. The Hot Dog Bun Pan costs $41.99.